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At Nostlgc Eyewear, we are a family at a journey providing clear and comfortable eyewear to all.

We are beyond being webstore that provide superior eyewear in a globally competitive price. We work as a team of friendly professionals who want to give you the best frames and the right lenses that answer your eyewear needs.

Leading us at achieving our customers’ goals, Jun Fernandez, a Licensed Optician and our CEO, meticulously choose frames with classic designs from famous eyewear brands like Mykita, Kio Yamato, O&X-New York, ic! Berlin, Tom Ford, and many more. He diligently cuts lenses with precision and accuracy according to your visual requirements. We aim at carrying more designer brands where you can have more options that answer your eyewear requirements and fit into your lifestyle.

Enjoy browsing our designer frames and please let us know your thoughts about our website by sending us email at info@nostlgc.com, or by calling us at (516)829.1010.

Life is a journey. Life is meaningful. The world is beautiful. Allow us to make your life’s journey more meaningful and beautiful with a pair of eyeglasses from Nostlgc Eyewear.

It was my dream to open a shop in Great Neck with a fun vibe. I've been in the eyewear industry for more than 20 years, and I am excited about the new technology we've been able to use at this location. What do I love best about eyewear? It lets people express their sense of style and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Jun Fernandez

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Nostlgc offers patients the latest in eye exam technology. Tele-Optometry by Digital Optometrics is a live video conferencing between the local technician, the refractionist, the doctor, and the patient! Many patients have said this is the most thorough eye exam they have ever had.
Tele-Optometry by Digital Optometrics is a new technology that makes the process faster, smoother and less troublesome for patients undergoing an eye exam.