Top Eyewear Brands that Help the World See Better

We are in a period of our history where the retiring boomers, influencer millennials, and progressing Gen X are interacting and each trying to stamp a mark of their own characteristics. Those boomers redefining classics, millennials continually innovating lifestyles, and Gen X are changing the way we think and do.  

Sounds interesting, right? Since you are part of this dynamic world and time, just be “in” and enjoin this generation in creating a progressive….. And …..ummmm….. Happy world!

And what does Nostlgc Eyewear offer? We offer complete eyewear, both optical glasses and sunglasses, helping you find the best frames and the right lenses. We help you find the best pair of glasses that best suit your lifestyle while enjoying the beauty of the world around.

For a start, allow us to present the best brands that can help us find the right pair for you….


Ray-Ban offers nothing less than their best. Their eyewear collection offers “timeless style, authenticity, and freedom of expression.” Ray-Ban is recognized as the leader in sun and prescription eyewear for many generations, or to be specific, they gain this reputation since they introduce the iconic Aviator model that they created for aviators of the United States Army. Since then, Ray-Ban has been at the lead in cultural change and the symbol of self-expression. Their pairs of glasses are worn by popular celebrities and public figures around the world. With Ray-Ban, it is always good taste, best choice!

ic Berlin

iC Berlin takes pride in making “glasses for everybody - everybody who doesn’t want to be like everybody else.” They make glasses for your face - round, square, oblong, angular, oval, soft, angular, large, and small faces. Their eyewear collection features “Zen-like cohesion or rebellious screams,” yet functional. Each pair guarantees gentle on the skin and weightless. “Marching to the beat of our own drum. Bucking the norm. Breaking the mould. No bandwagons. We are not fashion lemmings.”

Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is a luxury Italian brand around the world. The brand was established by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. It was created to blend sensuality with the founders’ Mediterranean roots. Their eyeglasses are contemporary luxury favorites with Mediterranean sense of passion, embracing raw energy, opulence, and sensuality with impeccably ageless style. This eyewear brand combines originality and innovation. Dolce & Gabbana offers unconventional shapes, sumptuous details, and high quality materials.

Due to manufacturer’s restrictions, Dolce & Gabbana items cannot be shipped to Australia.

Vera Wang

You are a woman and you want a pair of glasses that sets you apart from the crowd? Choose Vera Wang. Vera Wang settles for nothing less than quality acetate and metals and each frame is finished with something unique and different. Most of these frames use Swarovski crystals, while others are with subtle detailings such as unique temple designs. It uses an impressive blend of both acetate and metal. With Vera Wang’s wide eyewear line, there is something for everybody. Designs symbolize feminine elegance that we all want to embrace and for women who love to look at their best.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford glasses feature effortless and classic design that will never go out of style. They are known for their Aviator and Wayfarer frames and darker color patterns like black, tortoise, brown, and green. Choose Tom Ford eyewear to complete your outfit.


Gucci is known for its high fashion and elegant sophistication. Their styles range from decorative and delicate metal frames and ageless classics to more modern, streamlined designs and bold frames with rich and lively colors. They are created for those who love fashion.


Mykita eyewear collection was founded by Mortiz Krueger, Phillip Haffmans, Daniel Haffmans, and Harald Gottschling in 2003 in Berlin. They specialize in unique, high-end frames for sophisticated individuals. All frames are made “under one roof”, blending cutting edge materials and technology with traditional hand-assembly.


Prada symbolizes the richness of Italian culture and tradition. Their brand is known for offering the innovative, prestigious and wide recognized in the world of fashion and luxury products, with a keen attention of details and fresh trends. Its eyewear collection mirrors this approach with impeccable styles, refined elegance, and unbending quality. You can find these elegant glasses for men and women at Nostlgc Eyewear.